Empowering the web with beautiful mobile menus that have a true native app experience, for over 10 years!

Create a beautiful mobile menu

The menu looks pretty great to begin with, but you can make it fit your needs even better.

Change the background color, any color will do. Dark or light, the menu will always look good.

Start with choosing a new color scheme:

Super versatile navbars

A photo or logo, breadcrumbs, tabs, icons, links or text; With the navbars add-on, you can add just about anything to the header and footer of your menu.

A pretty powerfull searchfield

Add a searchfield so your users can find the page they're looking for even faster.

Go ahead, search for “marketing”:

Available to everyone

Using best-practice accessibility implementations, RTL-support and translations; your menu is available to everyone.

A menu for smartphone, tablet and desktop!

Your desktop menu probably looks super cool as it is. But if it doesn't, or if you want an app look-alike sidebar menu for your desktop site, just use mmenu!

The demo is fully interactive now, give it some clicks!

Get started

npm install mmenu-js --save-dev