New in 9.0

Slimmed down & beefed up

In order to prevent the plugin from becomming bloated and to keep it maintainable, we removed some of the lesser used add-ons, easy to imitate extensions a lot of SCSS variables (in favor of SCC variables) and all wrappers.

Support for IE11 is fully dropped and with that, we were able to update a lot of the code to make the plugin faster and more reliable.

For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out the changelog.

Doubling down on accessibility

Due to new insights, large parts of the mmenu.js plugin could be simplyfied with better accessibility solutions. The screenreader- and keyboard-navigation add-ons are no longer separate add-ons, but are now implemented in the core. Both are simplyfied and improved; less logic but more manageable and with a better result.

Searchfield add-on

The searchfield add-on was completely rewritten for a better user experience.
A searchfield can now be added to either a (range of) specified panel(s), all panels, a navbar or its own panel.
Go check it out

Under the hood

In version 9, we did some serious refactoring to keep the mmenu.js plugin future proof.

Mutation observers
The mmenu.js plugin now uses mutation observers to observe the HTML. This reduces the need for callback functions and event listeners, resulting in a more reliable total.

Typescript update
By updateing Typescript, the mmenu.js plugin can now use more modern JS features. Optional chaning is probably the most notable new feature.

SASS update
Keeping the mmenu.js plugin future-proof also includes updating SASS, we now use @use instead of @import where we probably needed this feature long ago.

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The changelog

For the full list of all changes, go ahead and check out the changelog.

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