1. Version 9.3 (January 5, 2023)
    1. Fixed a bug with the offCanvas.clone configuration option.
  2. Version 9.2 (August 18, 2022)
    1. Started using the inert attribute for better accessibility (and less logic to achieve the same result).
    2. Removed option sidebar.collapsed.blockMenu in favor of using the inert attribute.
    3. Removed option iconpanels.blockPanel in favor of using the inert attribute.
    4. Moved theme logic from off-canvas add-on to its own add-on.
    5. Added option.
    6. Added theme method to the API.
    7. Fixed a bug with opening vertical submenus.
    8. Fixed a bug with counting listitems in a vertical submenus.
    9. Fixed a bug with multiple menus on different positions.
  3. Version 9.1 (March 4, 2022)
    1. Moved the positioning extension to the offCanvas.position option.
    2. Moved the themes extension to the theme option.
    3. Removed the fullscreen extension.
    4. Added a high-contrast versions for each theme.
    5. Improved support for right-to-left languages.
  4. Version 9.0 (November 25, 2021)
    1. Improved keyboard navigation, also no longer a separate add-on.
    2. Improved screenreader support, also no longer a separate add-on.
    3. Improved logic for opening and closing a panel.
    4. Opening and closing the menu and panels now works without a timeout.
    5. Dropped support for IE11.
    6. Improved CSS for modern browsers.
    7. Updated Typescript and SASS.
    8. Switched B.E.M. notation for modifiers.
    9. Removed the jQuery plugin.
    10. Small improvements and bugfixes.
    11. Removed the navbar.sticky option, navbars are now sticky by default.
    12. Removed the initListview, initPanel and closeAllPanels methods from the API.
    13. The :before API hooks are now only invoked if the method actually will do something.
    14. Removed the openPanel:start, openPanel:finish, open:start, open:finish, close:start, close:finish, initAnchors:before and initAnchors:after hooks from the API.
    15. Removed most SCSS variables in favor of CSS variables. Remaining SCSS variables are removed from the docs.
    16. Removed the -—mm-offse-top, -—mm-offse-left, -—mm-offse-right and -—mm-offse-bottom CSS variables.
    17. Improved the searchfield add-on.
    18. Moved the dividers, keyboardNavigation and toggles add-ons into the core.
    19. Removed the moveBackground and blockUi options from the offcanvas add-on.
    20. The extended.initial option for the sidebar add-on no longer supports the value "remember".
    21. Removed the autoheight, columns, dividers, drag, dropdown, fixedelements and lazysubmenus add-ons for being either outdated, out of scope or too incompatible.
    22. Removed the borderstyle, effects, listview, multiline, pagedim, popup and shadows extensions for being either outdated, out of scope or easy to reproduce using custom CSS.
    23. Removed all wrappers.
  5. Version 8.5 (February 27, 2020)
    1. Removed Tileview extension.
    2. Removed next content for the navbar add-on.
    3. Fixed bug in the title content for the navbar add-on.
    4. Small improvements and bugfixes.
  6. Version 8.4 (September 19, 2019)
    1. Removed Spacer style for listitems.
    2. Added initListview API method.
    3. Fixed bug in the scrollBugFix add-on.
    4. Small improvements and bugfixes.
  7. Version 8.3 (September 5, 2019)
    1. Added navbar.sticky option.
    2. Simplified CSS for navbar and navbars add-on.
    3. Bugfixes for padding in navbars.
    4. Bugfix for combining the position-right and fullscreen extensions.
    5. Bugfix in the pageScroll add-on.
    6. Bugfix in the dropDown add-on.
    7. Bugfix in the listview extension.
    8. Changed SCSS variable $mm_btnSize to 50px.
    9. Changed SCSS variable $mm_listitemSize to 44px.
    10. Changed SCSS variable $mm_navbarSize to $mm_listitemSize.
    11. Added SCSS variable $mm_include_navbars_searchfield.
    12. Added polyfills .js file for IE11 support.
    13. Added fallbacks for CSS variables for IE11 support.
    14. Updated drag add-on and removed Hammer.js dependency.
    15. Removed support for partially using the borderStyle extension.
    16. Removed border-offset from the borderStyle extension.
    17. Removed support for partially using the listview extension.
    18. Removed support for partially using the panels-slide-0 and panels-slide-100 effects in the effects extension.
    19. Removed the menu-fade, menu-zoom, panels-zoom, panels-slide-up and panels-slide-right effects from the effects extension.
    20. Removed all listitem effects from the effects extension.
    21. Removed the light option from the dividers add-on.
    22. Removed support for specifying a function for the navbar.title option.
  8. Version 8.2 (July 10, 2019)
    1. Replaced the initPanels API method (for initiating multiple panels) with initPanel (for initiating a single panel).
    2. Added the option expanded.initial to the sidebar add-on to control the initial state of the sidebar.
    3. Improved the scrollBugFix add-on.
    4. Improved the navbar add-on.
    5. Improved the toggles add-on.
    6. Deprecated the next content for the navbars add-on.
    7. Fixed a bug in the columns add-on.
    8. Fixed a bug where the plugin was not exported as a module.
  9. Version 8.1 (June 3, 2019)
    1. Moved the clone configuration option to the offCanvas add-on.
    2. Bugfixes in searchfield add-on.
    3. Made contents and types for navbars extendable in the navbars add-on.
  10. Version 8.0 (March 31, 2019)
    1. jQuery is no longer a dependency, a plugin for it (or for Zepto) is automatically created when available.
    2. All API methods and hooks that took a jQuery object as an argument, now take a HTMLElement or an array of HTMLElements as an argument.
    3. The plugin is now written and can be used as an EcmaScript 2015 module.
    4. The plugin is now written as an EcmaScript 2015 class.
    5. All JavaScript in the plugin is now typed.
    6. All JavaScript in the plugin is now annotated.
    7. The script targets modern browsers, polyfills are needed for older browsers.
    8. Imporved and simplyfied CSS for Toggles and Checks.
    9. Improved and simplified CSS for Panels, Listviews and Navbars.
    10. Navbars in the navbars add-on can now be en-/disabled based on a media query.
    11. Added the use option for a navbar in the navbars add-on.
    12. Removed the navbar.height option in favor of using a different --mm-navbar-size CSS variable for each navbar.
    13. The iconbar can now be en-/disabled based on a media query.
    14. Renamed the iconbar.add option to iconbar.use.
    15. Added the iconbar.position option.
    16. Removed the dividers.fixed option, all dividers are now sticky by default.
    17. Removed the pageScroll.scrollOffset configuration option in favor of using the native element.scrollIntoView method.
    18. Renamed the mm_include_listviews_spacer SCSS variable to mm_include_listview_spacer.
    19. Moved all CSS variables to the global scope (:root).
    20. Moved CSS for Spacer listitems to the listview extension.
    21. Moved CSS for Dividers to the dividers add-on.
    22. Removed bower support.
    23. Restructured files.
    24. Replaced the fixedElements.elemInsertMethod configuration option with fixedElements.fixed.insertMethod.
    25. Replaced the fixedElements.elemInsertSelector configuration option with fixedElements.fixed.insertselector.
    26. Removed the configuration option, the page is now always wrapped if needed.
    27. Updated Gulp to version 4 for the build process.
    28. Changed the build proces in favor of the ES6 module.
    29. Changed the custom build proces in favor of the ES6 module.
    30. Removed jQuery mobile framework wrapper.
    31. Removed bootstrap 3 framework wrapper.
  11. Version 7.2 (September 23, 2018)
    1. Added CSS variables for colors.
    2. Added SCSS and CSS variables for top/right/bottom/left offset.
    3. Added shadow-menu to the shadows extension.
    4. Bugfixes
  12. Version 7.1 (September 14, 2018)
    1. Moved RTL support from separate add-on into core, extension and add-on files.
    2. Removed RTL add-on
    3. Added language configuration option.
    4. Added Russian translations.
    5. Changed the configuration for the offCanvas add-on.
    6. Replaced some SCSS variables with CSS variables with SCSS variables as a fallback.
    7. Changes in SCSS variables.
    8. Added fitViewport option in the dropdown add-on.
    9. Removed some of the core $mm_opt_ SCSS variables.
    10. Updated the screenReader add-on with adding text to the page-blocker.
    11. Improved the keyboardNavigation add-on.
    12. Bugfixes.
  13. Version 7.0 (January 4, 2018)
    1. Added the iconbar add-on.
    2. Replaced the iconbar and widescreen extensions with the sidebar add-on.
    3. Added tab like styling for the navbars add-on.
    4. Updated the iconPanels add-on with new options.
    5. Updated the backButton add-on with now options.
    6. Updated the searchfield add-on with new options.
    7. Removed the initPanels and initMenu options in favor of the hooks option.
    8. Implemented a (sort of) B.E.M. structure for the CSS framework.
    9. Added type option in the dividers add-on.
    10. Improved matchMedia for responsive extensions and options.
    11. Completely extracted the positioning extension out of the offCanvas add-on.
    12. Option navbar.title can now be a function.
    13. Removed dividers.collapse option in favor of using vertical submenus.
    14. Removed the offCanvas.zposition: "next" option.
    15. Moved divider and spacer css out of listview extension into core.
    16. Split up SCSS variables and mixins per extension and addon.
    17. Added SCSS variables to opt out of almost all CSS.
    18. Styling inherits more from website styles.
  14. Version 6.1 (May 16, 2017)
    1. Using Typescript.
    2. Using gulp-sass instead of gulp-ruby-sass.
    3. Removed "toggles" and "checks" from search results in resultsPanel.
    4. Added support for sticky elements in the fixedElements add-on.
    5. Delayed opening the menu via the URL hash till API hooks are added.
    6. Disabled the keyboardNavigation add-on for touchscreens.
    7. Added sticky.offset configuration option for the fixedElements add-on.
    8. Bugfix lazySubmenus add-on with selected item.
    9. Bugfix autoHeight add-on with vertical submenus.
    10. Bugfix in the screenReader add-on.
    11. Optionally UMD custom build.
  15. Version 6.0 (March 20, 2017)
    1. Added responsive option for extensions.
    2. Added pageScroll add-on.
    3. Plugin is now translatable.
    4. Added translations for Dutch and German.
    5. Easy custom builds with Gulp.
    6. Added screenReader add-on to the core and turned on by default.
    7. Added "nolistview" and "nopanel" to classNames configuration option.
    8. Changed file structure for the core JS and CSS.
    9. Enabled opting out parts of CSS.
    10. Added listview extension.
    11. Refactored justifiedListview extension in the listview extension.
    12. Made the UMD file the default.
    13. Improved the navbars add-on.
    14. Improved the keyboardNavigation add-on.
    15. Improved the screenReader add-on.
    16. Added and renamed a lot of API methods and hooks.
    17. Removed the update method from the API.
    18. Changed update option to count for the counters add-on.
    19. Removed "panel" value for the navbar.titleLink option.
    20. Added "fx-panels-slide-up" and "fx-panels-none" to the effects extionsion.
    21. Added $mm_pagedimOpacity SCSS variable for the pageDim extension.
    22. Renamed effects in the effects extension.
    23. CSS changes.
    24. Updated the turbolinks framework wrapper.
    25. offCanvas.menuInjectMethod is no longer restricted to "append" or "prepend".
    26. Replaced the offCanvas.menuInjectMethod configuration option with offCanvas.menuInsertMethod.
    27. Replaced the offCanvas.menuWrapperSelector configuration option with offCanvas.menuInsertSelector.
    28. Added fixedElements.elemInsertMethod and fixedElements.elemInsertSelector configuration options.
    29. A lot of refactoring.
  16. Version 5.7 (August 20, 2016)
    1. Added keyboardNavigation add-on.
    2. Added lazySubmenus add-on.
    3. Added Bootstrap framework wrapper.
    4. Added initMenu and initPanels options.
    5. Renamed init API method to initPanels.
    6. Added RTL add-on.
    7. Integrated the leftSubpanels extension into the RTL add-on.
    8. Integrated the currentItem add-on into the setSelected add-on.
    9. Combined the dragOpen and dragClose add-ons into the drag add-on.
    10. Combined the pageshadow and panelshadow extensions into the shadows extension.
    11. Removed hideNavbars option for the columns add-on.
    12. Removed hideNavbars option for the iconPanels add-on.
    13. Added scss color for navbars.
    14. Improved WordPress framework wrapper.
    15. Improved support for IE9.
    16. Fixed issue with opening a menu from within a second menu.
  17. Version 5.6 (January 16, 2016)
    1. Fixed issue with on-canvas menus.
    2. Changed license to CC-BY-NC-4.0.
    3. Added justiedListview extension.
    4. Added popup extension.
    5. Added columns add-on.
    6. Added dropdown add-on.
    7. Added screenReader add-on.
    8. Added setSelected add-on.
    9. Added AngularJS framework wrapper.
    10. Added Magento framework wrapper.
    11. Added "highest" as a value for the autoHeight.height option.
    12. Added counters.addTo option.
    13. Added searchfield.resultsPanel option.
    14. Searchfield searches the data-mm-searchtext attribute first.
    15. Added configuration options for the searchfield addon.
    16. Added openingPanel, openedPanel, closingPanel and closedPanel callback methods to the API.
    17. Menu opens if menu ID in URL hash.
    18. Improved the debugger.
    19. Switched to Gulp as task runner.
    20. Set the UMD file as the main file in bower.json en package.json
    21. Optimized css vendor prefixes with Gulp Autoprefixer.
    22. Changed file structure and directory names.
    23. Fixed issues and bugs.
  18. Version 5.5 (September 29, 2015)
    1. Replaced option offCanvas.modal with offCanvas.blockUI.
    2. Removed option onClick.blockUI.
    3. Added pageDim extension.
    4. Added style "border-offset" to the borderStyle extension.
    5. Added effects "listitems-fade" and "listitems-drop" to the effects extension.
    6. Changed names for the effects extension.
  19. Version 5.4 (August 15, 2015)
    1. Added jQuery Mobile framework wrapper.
    2. Added Olark framework wrapper.
    3. Added Turbolinks framework wrapper.
    4. Added WordPress framework wrapper.
    5. Changed HTML markup for panels.
    6. Added offCanvas.noPageSelector configuration option.
    7. Rearranged file structure.
    8. Small bugfixes and changes.
  20. Version 5.3 (June 16, 2015)
    1. Added breadcrubs for navar content.
    2. Added tileview extension.
    3. Added iconPanels add-on.
    4. Added navbar.add option.
    5. Simplified colors SCSS mixins.
    6. Small improvements to the CSS framework.
  21. Version 5.2 (May 11, 2015)
    1. Added effects "fade-menu" and "slide-listitems".
    2. Added iconPanels add-on.
    3. Added support for multiple navbars in one menu.
    4. Added navbars.height option.
    5. Integrated the searchfield add-on in the navbars add-on.
    6. Added options navbar.title and navbar.titleLink for usage without the navbars add-on.
    7. Added navbar to main panel for usage without the navbars add-on.
    8. Added support for "inset" lists.
    9. Added offCanvas.wrapPageIfNeeded configuration option.
    10. Improved closing multiple panels simultatiously.
    11. Restored support for checks and toggles in vertical submenus.
  22. Version 5.1 (April 20, 2015)
    1. Replaced the header, footer and buttonbars add-ons with the navbars add-on.
    2. Changed effect "slide" to "slide-menu".
    3. Added effects "slide-panels-0" and "slide-panels-100".
    4. Added utility classname mm-arrow.
    5. Improved non-listview navigation.
  23. Version 5.0 (March 21, 2015)
    1. Standardized HTML markup for panels and listviews.
    2. Changes in styling, colors and sizes.
    3. Moved custom event to API methods.
    4. Added closeAllPanels API method.
    5. Added pageShadow extension.
    6. Added multiline extension.
    7. Added borderStyle extension.
    8. Added sectionIndexer add-on.
    9. Added backButton add-on.
    10. Replaced labels add-on with dividers add-on.
    11. Added add, addTo and fixed options for the dividers add-on.
    12. Added titleLink option for the header add-on.
    13. Changed showLinksOnly option to showTextItems for the searchfield add-on.
    14. Added showSubPanels option for the searchfield add-on.
    15. Made vertical submenus possible per panel.
    16. Changed classname "mm-label" and "Label" to "mm-divider" and "Divider".
    17. Changed classname "mm-list" to "mm-listview".
    18. Replaced "classes" option with "extensions" array.
    19. iconbar and widescreen extensions require to be added to the "extensions" option.
    20. Merged styling and functionality from the header add-on into default subtitle.
    21. Removed mm_colors_header SCSS mixin.
    22. Added ontouchmove on overlay to close menu.
    23. data-target Is added to anchors for bootstrap support.
    24. Extended add-on structure.
    25. Moved minified .js and generated .css files to the "dist" folder.
    26. Added support for turbolinks.
    27. Bugfix searchfield in DIV panel.
    28. Extended event namespaces with add-on name.
  24. Version 4.7 (November 10, 2014)
    1. Fixed issues with anchors.
    2. Rewrote add-on structure.
    3. Rewrote fixed elements add-on.
    4. Added searchfield.form configuration setting.
  25. Version 4.6 (October 24, 2014)
    1. Introduced an external debugging script.
    2. Added support for variable buttons/content in the header.
    3. Added support for a close button in the header.
    4. Added object for vendor-specific options.
    5. Small CSS fixes.
  26. Version 4.5 (August 29, 2014)
    1. Removed support for the "zoom page" effect.
    2. Moved from using left/top/right/bottom to translate for all CSS transitions.
    3. Added buttonbars add-on.
    4. Added option to create checkmarks in the toggles add-on.
    5. Added footer add-on.
    6. Moved support for fixed elements inside the page to an add-on.
  27. Version 4.4 (August 18, 2014)
    1. Added option to put text/html in the header previous- and next buttons.
    2. Updated the dragOpen add-on with the latest version of the Hammer library (and no longer requiring the jQuery.hammer plugin).
    3. Added a template file for add-ons to the download pack.
    4. Removed unnecessary vendor prefixes in the CSS framework.
    5. Added option to load and initiate new content in the menu.
    6. Changed panel offset when opening a subpanel from 40% to 30%.
    7. Small CSS improvements.
  28. Version 4.3 (June 3, 2014)
    1. Prefixed SCSS mixins and variables.
    2. Improved performance issue with larger menu's.
    3. Added JS files with support for umd patterns.
    4. Added option to add a searchfield per panel.
    5. Added toggles add-on.
    6. Added support for on-canvas menus.
    7. Split up default behavior into an on-canvas menu with off-canvas add-on.
    8. Removed labels.fixed due to bad performance.
    9. Removed support for IE8.
    10. Moved modal and moveBackground options to offCanvas object.
    11. Moved pageNodetype, pageSelector, menuWrapperSelector and menuInjectMethod config options to offCanvas object.
    12. Moved classnames config to classNames object.
  29. Version 4.2 (March 5, 2014)
    1. Improved CSS framework to remove opening glitch.
    2. Deprecated using position: "top"/"bottom" in combination with zposition: "back"/"next" in favor of the improved CSS framework.
    3. Removed older deprecated warnings.
    4. Small JS and CSS improvements.
    5. Removed config option preventTabbing.
    6. Added config option menuInjectMethod.
    7. Added config option menuWrapperSelector.
  30. Version 4.1 (November 14, 2013)
    1. Added labels option for fixed labels and labels that collapse the subsequent listitems as an add-on.
    2. Added support for the header add-on in vertical menus.
    3. Added header.content option to pre-define the contents of the header.
    4. Introduced classname Spacer to add spacing between listitems in the menu.
    5. Labels use an ellipsis for overflowing text.
    6. Small bugfixes.
  31. Version 4.0 (October 29, 2013)
    1. Completely rewrote plugin to an OO class.
    2. Adapted styling to iOS7.
    3. Started using SCSS.
    4. Using SCSS framework to automatically create CSS for customized colors.
    5. Using SCSS framework to automatically create CSS for customized min- and max width/height.
    6. Moved JS and CSS files for counters, searchfield and dragOpen to separate add-on files.
    7. Renamed JS and CSS files.
    8. Improved HTML markup and CSS framework.
    9. Improved CSS for variable item heights.
    10. Improved non-menu options and behavior.
    11. Added header option for a fixed menu-header as an add-on.
    12. Added option classes.
    13. Added option dragOpen.maxStartPos.
    14. Changed option counters.count to counters.update.
    15. Added fullscreen CSS extension.
    16. Added effects CSS extension.
    17. Added default themes white and black CSS extensions.
    18. Plugin adds classname mm-current to currently opened menu and currently opened panel.
    19. Introduced classname mm-fixed-top and mm-fixed-bottom for moving fixed elements with the page.
    20. Added support for ordered lists (OL).
    21. Removed onClick.callback and onClick.delayLocationHref options.
    22. Removed support for onClick = true/false.
    23. Renamed onClick.setLocationHref option to onClick.preventDefault (with opposite behavior).
    24. Removed toggle custom event for menu.
    25. Removed close and toggle custom events for horizontal sliding panels.
    26. Replaced default hardware acceleration configuration (true) with a optional CSS extension.
    27. Removed useIphoneAddressbarFix method as it has no effect on the iOS7 addressbar.